Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Horror Movies!


I wanted to watch some horror movies tonight. Nora, my roommate talked about a movie called Takut (Faces of Fear) and said it was really good (although she only watched the first 15 minutes of the movie 'cause she doesn't like horror movies). So, I took the movie from her and had just recently finished watching it. It's not a whole movie, but a compilation of 6 Indonesian short horror/thriller movies made by the Komodo films (correct me if I'm wrong). 

The movies were so-so, it's not much. Most of them were forgettable, only ONE of them I thought was very good. 

This is the list of the movie, complete with short info and my own rating (hehehhehehe);

1. Show Unit- about a guy who accidentally killed the daughter of his girlfriend. Nice story, but the film effect (Sin City's one color effect, and glow) distracted me from enjoying the movie. (2.5 out of 4 stars)

2. Titisan Naya- About a girl (she smoked, she's bratty, rude, and she seduced her own cousin) who dishonor the tradition of her family and ended up being possessed. Cliche... And I'm getting tired of this bad, smoking, seductive bad girl stereotype in both Malaysian and Indonesian movies. What's wrong if they make a movie about a bad girl who is fully-clothed, not smoking, not everything how people perceive bad should be? SAY NO TO STEREOTYPES PLEASE*sigh* (2 out of 4 stars) 

3. Peeper- About a man who likes to peep at girls and touch woman's boobs on poster, who thought peeping and hitting with a beautiful theater dancer was a good idea. Predictable and boring. (1 out of 4 stars)

4. The List- Dukun, or bomoh, or whatever. A jealous woman voodoo-ing her ex-boyfriend. At this point I was like snore, snore...ZZzzzZZZ.zzzzzz.. Bomohs are overused by the way. (0.5 out of 4 stars)

5. The Rescue- A Resident Evil rip-off... I am not kidding you. (2 out of 4 stars)

6. Dara- This is the movie that I mentioned at the start, the ONLY good movie. It is about a maniacal woman who killed men as recipe for her cooking. This actually made  me scared I literally jumped from my seat at some parts. The woman who played Dara, the sick woman who used men's cut up body parts for her restaurant ingredient (ewwwwwwww), she was spot on! The way she smiled and gazed at those men before she killed them, it got you thinking why those men didn't realize she's ka-ray-zeee. Guess men are suckers for a beauty like her...  Ha! But this does not mean I like the idea of her cooking men's meat and feeding them to people who came to her restaurant okay. *vomit* (3.5 out of 4 stars) 

Despite the other redundant plot, I loved how the directors used dramatic angles for the scenes. It add up to the mood and it's fun to watch a scene where people were running in fear with the camera shifting here to there giving snippets of details, not shaky to imply that they were running. But maybe the directors can tone down on the dark lighting effect. It was over-used if you consider all the Malay and Indonesian's horror movies. Dark house, dark alley, dark corridors, dark here and there. Of course I don't expect ghosts to appear during the day but come on! Have the ghost come out in a fully lighted room at least! Nobody's paid the electric bill or what?

All in all, I guess these are the type of horror/thriller movies for leisure. I don't have to focus too much on any story. Just watching for the fun of it. That's it. 

But next time, I'm hoping for a real good movie from Asia. And with real scary factors. Not the dark room effect please, I got tired from that.

Thanks for coming by, and hope you've enjoyed your stay :) 


  1. I want to find this movie....ahhahahahaa...the 'dara' story line remind me of the Meat's grinder though...Thailand horror story...xD You know I'm a sucker for horror..muahahah

  2. lol.

    It's a fun compilation xD But I only liked the last movie Dara. The others made me feel sleepy, I need a new form of horror to scare me off! hahahha

    Meat's Grinder? hmmmm.... Gonna go check it out later, but Thailand's horror movies gross me out x( I want psychological horror movies... Like Black Swan or Jacob's Ladder, now that made me scared >:3

  3. Ooo I like to watch horrors every now and again so this was an interesting read xD
    "Dara" sounds a little like the lady in Sweeney Todd :P
    I read your other post and just wanted to wish you good luck for your exams :D

  4. Yep, Dara does sound like Sweeney Todd's partner in crime xD But at least Sweeney Todd got a light-hearted part, Dara is pure sickness *shudder*

    Thank you :) Two more papers left ;)