Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Prince and the Damsel - Other Novel -

The Prince and the Damsel - Other Novel -

Oh yes, my writing passion has been ignited.

Now, as I learn more and more about the real creative writing, I'm planning to re-write some of these stuffs. Call it a simple exercise or whatever. I had been re-posting my previous works which I have edited and polished to other site like e-Novella and Online Writing.Com. Just to get some reviews what-not. I'm still paranoid with Booksie. I haven't gotten over the "Twatlight Effect" that had gotten me to leave the site at first place. But Booksie's growing on me again after I read a really favorable fiction written by someone I had listed on my follow list. Well, a teenage cliche really, but as I said, really favorable. I read till the end admiring how this person had gotten so far with her writing. I remembered reading her writings years ago and yeah, she wasn't as good as she is now. So I guess, if I work hard now, I can at least improve my writing skill. Besides, I haven't written much other than Physics and Mathematics formula over the past 3 years... You can say I suck big time at writing now! lol

My last paper will be on the 12th May next week. I can't wait for it. I'm naturally happy with holidays, you might as well call it my favorite event in the whole year. I had planned out to study more about creative writing (this time for real, no more big words that actually make no meanings), and also to fill my DeviantArt account with bountiful drawings (Yay!). Apart from writing, I am now considering about becoming a part-time tuition teacher at my dad's. Usually I'm the substitute teacher, and all of my lessons were delivered without any preparation ('cause those darn tuition teachers just don't inform early about not coming to tuition resulting in me making the most from over-use exercise books to teach the kids). As a student studying to become a teacher, that makes me ashamed of myself...

I guess that's it. Rants over :)

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