Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Test Pictures!

If you'd read my previous post, then you know that I just got myself a Samsung Galaxy Smart Camera. I'm still exploring this thing and I've never captured anything with regard to the right settings for good pictures, so I'm quite nooby right now. These are the photos I took around my home.

edited with photowizard. For some reasons, some of the pictures edited with that app turned out to be low resolution... this one actually suffered from underexposure before I edited it

Zoom in at 20. Still looked pretty nice..

I was trying to make the background blurred out, but ended up making the front out of focus.

Macro setting~ I love the vivid colours

Also macro setting...

Zoomed in at 16. It's a bit washed out because of the camera setting.

Zoomed in at 20.

Playing around with aperture~

Plump papayas~

Aperture setting, high aperture...

Micro setting, a wild flower growing at our lawn~

Light trails, looked pretty awesome though I lacked a pretty scenery... This one was taken from inside a moving car~

I'm looking forward to capture more great photos with this. Right now, I'm just trying to master the damn thing~


  1. Yay! You finally bought it! *throw confetti I like the features & all but sudah ada DSLR kn..thinking of sayang if I bought a new one again. :3 Glad for you bebeh..

    1. I wanted to get the samsung NX, but i figured I should start with this first.. heheh besides, it has most of DLSR's basic functions... so i can learn from there first.. heheheh ;D