Saturday, April 30, 2011

Outreach Program After-effect


It had been almost two weeks since we’ve got back from Sk. Kaiduan Papar and now I’ve realized I haven’t started on the report yet. And I am supposed to turn it in to the Students’ Affairs department by this Tuesday on which I’ll also be sitting for my second paper. Oh the horror!

I was supposed to finish the report like- a week ago- I don’t know anymore! After I got back from Sk. Kaiduan, all I can think about is the FINAL EXAM. Report seemed utterly insignificant to me all of the sudden, and it was forgotten completely. Yesterday with a help from a friend, Lord bless her soul, we’ve just finished our part for the research paper. That was when I realized I haven’t done anything on the report. This made me panicky!

Well, not exactly. It was more like “Omg…” *sigh* kinda way of reaction. Nevertheless, the damage is done. I am now in a mess. I spent my days studying Basics Electronics first, thinking I can start revise for Instrumentation by this Friday. Turns out I got to turn my attention on this report… *headdesked*

Instrumentation notes aside, someone gotta finish up this report. Whether I like it or not. It’s my responsibility as the secretary (I-hate-this-role).

Thanks be to God, I got a copy of the previous outreach program report format so it gives me head-start. At least.

Rants aside, I got some pictures of SK Kaiduan. Yeah! I’ll share here some of my favorites :-)

 The kids were having fun with their morning exercise

 Sukan Rakyat- One of the most fun activities of the day

 I really liked this particular picture. She looked so adorable :3

 Even YB Datuk Gulam came and had a blasted Malam Kebudayaan night with everyone :)

Awwww... Cute little guys :3

All of these pictures were taken by a teammate, I'm merely borrowing some of 'em hehheheheheh. She took great pictures by the way. So all credits goes to her and her wonderful contributions :) 

Oh and another thing!

My mother and sister and me went to 1B for breakfast this Saturday morning. As usual, I can't keep away from the bookstores. The thing is, the Harris bookstore still got the promotion going but since I’ve bought almost every promoted book- 
I meant every-promoted-book... Look at the yellow tag...

- I decided to give Times a little visit. 

I really didn’t know which book should I buy. I wanted to get some fantasy books, but I just can’t seem to find what I’m searching for. Then I stumbled upon this one and bought it instead. It cost me RM39+ and is supposed to be a parody of Lord of the Rings. Don’t know if its any good though ‘cause I was kinda risking my money with this one… *gulp*

 Lord of the Rings the Parody (this one was taken with my crappy 3.2 Megapixel Sony Ericsson handphone camera, so forgive me for such a blurry image)

Thank you for coming by, I hope you've enjoyed your visit :) 


  1. The pupils from SK Kaiduan remind me of my earlier years of school. With lots of energy and hyper-activeness, I look messy and so kampung-ish. These people remind us to be down to earth again, not everyone is lucky enough in this world. Some have to fight and struggles so much just for a pinch of education that I know one day, some of them will be a successful person.

    ;p Sorry ekk..suddenly feeling so emotional seeing all this picture..huhu...I miss home so badly now.

    P/s: Teacher Luna~ good luck for your report and exam!! *shake pom pom for you!!*

  2. Yes. The emotional effect left after being with these kids are so great. I know understood what my father meant on 'kesedaran' and on the word lucky, and realize even a small amount of education means a lot to everyone. But I'm also very envious of their lives, kampung life is a very peaceful one, they smile with ease and they're really happy with everything. We're still kampung girls maa Fay, but modern ones laa lol..

    Thank you my luvie.. I almost finish the report now :3 Come back home soon, to our beloved Kg Punson. I miss my kampung at Menggatal too :3