Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Red Dead Redemption

I've just finished this game! This is easily one of the most memorable and best game I have ever played. The ending saddened me though. John Marston shouldn't have died... Damn you Edgar Ross! You've been a jerk from the start. Thank you Jack for giving me the chance to give John some justice against that old bastard! humphhh..

Damn.. I'm still sad with John's death. Tears actually fell from my eyes when Abigail and Jack found him. Why? WHY? John's been an amazing guy he deserves a happy ending! *sob*

Playing with Jack is just not the same... Plus the ending song is too sad. I cried again when the song played. It's just too emotional for me. I kinda got attached with John after playing the game for so long. I really can't believe he's dead! *cries* Even right now when I'm playing as Jack and visited the places where John had been, I kept thinking "Jack, here's where your Pa did some serious ass-kicking" or "John used to say funny stuffs when he greets the Mexican". I mean- this is like really losing someone I love dearly. 

I know it's just a game but the emotional impact is too strong for me to ignore. I just have to let things out... RIP John, I will never forget you...

RIP ...