Saturday, October 15, 2011


We've just finished our camping a few days ago and I'm still feeling like I've been someone's punching bag... And my sun burn is starting to feel itchy... Gahhhhh! I want to scratch my arms so badly! God knows how many baby lotion and Aiken powder I've put on my arms since a day ago...

Camping is not my favorite pastimes, but I've enjoyed this one. I always have a terrible breakdown whenever I go into wood. Don't know why... But this once, I managed to enjoy my time... Quite an achievement for a frequent nervous breakdown-er like moi. Thanks to my persistence friends though, hehehehheeh...

We went rafting (despite my nervousness towards river since I can't swim), night-tracking (despite me being "rabun ayam" and blind almost all the time), flying-foxing (despite having fear of height), orienteering (I love sightseeing around kampung area), and doing the traditional obstacle games. We did a Dikir Barat for our Malam Budaya and it was hilarious since we kept forgetting our lyrics. After all of these had finished, then I'd realized the full extent of my hideous sun-burnt arms. Screw me for not bringing along a sun-block cream!

So with camping done, it is back to campus to meet up with all the assignments. The most dreaded one is PSMP I. It's our form of a thesis (I think). Our final and most important individual project of all. I've been searching around Google high and low for some Physics journal to get some idea, but it's still blurry. I just hope I'll make ends meet by this coming Monday. Ahh... uni life has never been more interesting. Just another semester and I'll be doing my LM! At my old dear high school! *laugh sarcastically at self*


  1. Yeah! I hate outdoor activities as much as I hate camping!

  2. @ Eric Yes! hahahah Nice experience but hideous after-effects... wonder how long will it take for my arms to return to its normal color... :/