Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Just last night, when I'm preparing myself to go to sleep early with a thermos of milo to help me get drowsy, I saw a 9gag link on my wall posted by a friend. It was titled harmless enough, like any of those 9gag funny pictures the website usually offered. This was the funny picture:

I knew the first three monsters/creatures/whatever-you-call-'em, but I didn't know the last one. I thought at first that it was the Ju-on ghost or Samara from the Ring... But seeming I was not that scared at both of ghosts mentioned, I decided to scroll down to read the comments. What I read intensified my curiosity. Everyone claimed they were positively afraid of the last ghost. And a user even posted a link to the horror comic. Against my better judgment- as I loved horror and always take the opportunity to discover 'em- I clicked on the link and proceeded to scroll down the comic, reading. 

At the first scare, I gave out a startled scream and pulled on my blanket on reflex. Now, I hadn't done such thing since I was small, but this time my hands seemed to be moving on its own. After that, I closed the tab to the comic and realized my heart was thumping, my hands were shaking and sweaty, and my chest was terribly cold. That was how scared I was. I didn't know that after the first scare, the comic wasn't finished yet. I went back to re-read the comic- as I usually do with many horror movies because watching them back always helped you to get your nerves together. And I soon realized that it was a horrible, HORRIBLE mistake. 

The comic is called the Bongcheon-Dong Ghost, and had already accumulated a lot of scares (and even fans) among internet users. It is a Korean horror comic that actually make good use of nice anime arts, coloring and suspenseful story. Here is a snapshot of the ghost:

It still scares me......
I believe there is another horror comic but I think I will wait for the morning to come to venture further. The ONLY time I've ever scream or got a cold grip on my chest was when my puppy sneaked up on me while I was playing Silent Hill 2. I remembered how Silent Hill 2 kept on edge all the time, the weird sounds as I walked along the foggy roads knowing there was something not right out there. The thing that made both SH2 and Bongcheon-dong ghost good horror factors were that they made you curious, and made it suspenseful. In Bongcheon-dong, the suspense was further fueled as we were scrolling down. You felt like you were making a mistake, and yet you still continue to your way to a nightmare. Just like SH2, this comic had got me to scream- but it was muffled by the blanket I'd thrown on my face. Even while I am writing this post, I felt those red, bloody eyes were watching me... 

I didn't want to share this, but I figured you can still find this around the internet so why not. Now, if you have the guts, go and read this comic! But I must warn you: DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK IF YOU HAVE A WEAK HEART, HEALTH CONDITION, IS A PREGNANT LADY, OR IF YOU CANNOT HANDLE SURPRISES/SHOCKS! 

I am not kidding. Don't read it unless you can handle it. I wanted to show this to my youngest sister at first, but careful considerations forbid me from doing so. I cannot possibly show this without traumatizing her as she is probably the most vulnerable among the three of us siblings... So, click at your own risk.


  1. HAHAHAH. I saw that comic a few weeks ago and I was sooooo damn scared! That 'thing' is moving! Ah, but I don't really scare now. :P

    1. hahahahah the first time i read it, it was almost 1am in the morning! i almost got a heart attack at the first scare. then i went back to finish the comic at 9pm, i did almost got a heart attack! but not scared la anymore since ody know wat's gonna happen xD

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  3. OMG! I'm gonna put this on my blog!