Thursday, October 10, 2013

Help, there's a crazy guy bothering me!

Damn, I've only been in this school for three months and there is already a crazy guy trying to get my attention. And he's married, guys. HE'S MARRIED. And he's trying to get my attention so hard these past few days I'm beginning to feel like giving him a good, hard slap. With my high heels. Fuck. I feel sorry for his wife. I feel like meeting his wife face to face, show her his stupid messages, and tell her to find a better man. I really wish I could tell everyone how he's being a stupid ass but I really don't want to be dragged into months long gossip and whispering. 

Right now he's been messaging "advices" on how to be a good teacher, which is something I do not need to know because I freaking recognize what a "good teacher" is! I can't find the right English word for it, but he's incredibly 'angau'. After his bouts of stupid messages perhaps as a way to get closer to me, I ignored him for days. He understand at first then I went to talk to him professionally (because this retard is my mentor! %^#%^&%@#$&^), he got 'angau' again and started to message me again and again. And it's gotten worst.

At first it was only business, then he started saying he enjoyed my company (a married man enjoying the company of a single woman, fuck), then he started saying how he wished he's single so he could propose to me, then he's talking about how he's no longer compatible with his wife, then he inbox internet horoscope to my facebook saying how our birth dates are compatible (I'm serious guys, he's stupid), then just now I've just received a message from him saying "hidup saya seakan-akan suatu jenaka" (my life is a joke).




I can't...

He's a joke, he's humiliating himself in front of me. He's lucky I'm not deadset on making him miserable for consistently bothering me. I stopped being friendly with him a long time ago, but it only worsened matter. Damn it! I pity his wife! 

If this gets worse, I'm bringing this matter to the principle himself. Stupid disloyal fartface ruining my working experience.

edit: Took this down for a couple of months. But figured I put it up again. I sensed a disrespectful game at my workplace. So, this won't be taken down anymore.


  1. What can I say. GUYS. *Duh Good move sis and please be extra careful there. Guys like this is dangerous! -.-" If he do anything, slap him. I've your back. ;)

  2. He stopped bothering me, after the threat i posted on facebook... hmm, didn't know chuck norris would scare the shit out of him~