Friday, November 1, 2013

Life as a Counselling Teacher~

No, I'm not a counselling teacher~ Lol. I just took care of the documentation tasks since we've got no new counselling teacher yet. If you think being a counselling teacher is easy, think again. They're the "heart" of the schools, everything; from students' well being, academic and non academic activities are handled by the counselling teachers. I now know the heavy duties of a counselling teacher... But it's still very fun doing the activities with the kids, though they can be hard at times...

This post should've been made weeks ago, but what's with the terrible internet line back at where I work, I only managed to upload these photos now...

The kids did some cooking for the first contest (Cooking Contest, duh). We got a few junior masterchefs in the making here.

Prosep 2013

Until the next post...


  1. Gosh..the foods is yummeh..spicing up cooking skill up there sis? :)

    1. hahahah the kids did all the cooking, I was just there to make sure they didn't burn the whole school ;D