For a moment all the blogs that I have been following suddenly disappeared from my list. Does this often happened to Blogger?

Just a quick update. 

It's late at night here (12.26 am according to my laptop) and I had just finished my revision. I wanted to get a little snack (yes, it is an unhealthy habit, but I digress), so I decided to do a little blogging. 

I have been collecting and downloading lots of fantasy based story from Google since I've been meaning to write one. I'm still having difficulties writing down the ideas in my head, so I resolved to reading and doing fun writing first before I get real in the business.

However, it is not time for any heavy reading yet since exam is not over yet. Tomorrow I will be sitting for another paper *gasp*. Usually after exam, I will have the urge to do something else other than studying; watch a movie, play around with photoshop, video-editing with Vegas, anything. But right now, all I want to do is read read read. I want to read a book that I can finish over a night at least. I want to read something light, and less than 200 pages... 

Michael E. Shea's Seven Swords looks perfect for my get away. It is about vampires! Yeah! REAL, BLOODSUCKING VAMPIRES.


Heh.. I might do a simple book review tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, who knows..

Good night everyone, and thank you for coming by :)