I Beat the Game!

Let's see.... A total of... 2 and a half days?

I had just beaten Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom :3 Boy was the final battle ANNOYING! Hard is not the correct word here.

Majin suddenly gets more and more useless by the end of the game. I don't know if it's just me, but I found myself cursing Majin throughout the castle journey. I spent almost an hour of completing an uber-simple puzzle just because Majin won't stay put and keeps fighting the enemies when I told him not to! Most of the time it was "Dammit Majin!", went to help him fend enemies off, brought him to position, told him to stay while I went to places unreachable to him to settle a piece of the puzzle, and he went to fight without my permissions again and again.

While he was getting his butt kicked around by a two-headed darkness I had to fend off TEN pesky darkness soldiers all by myself during my attempts to RESCUE HIM! When I am nearing the brink of death this Majin had the nerve to say "Tepeu! You trying so hard!" WTF?????!!!! I was trying to save your ass you dingbat! When you die it's a game over to me! And then he preferred to keep fighting the other enemies INSTEAD of reviving me and it was still a game over to me! (^&&%$&^&^# 

After hour or two finally we reached the king and his crystallized daughter. Majin got eeevvvillll and attacked me with hordes of spawning darkness soldiers. I had to go and save the princess while he attacked me using the powers I'd spent the whole game gaining for him. The princess got saved and her presence knocked sentimentality to Majin. She went and fight with her daddeh and I beat more sense and sensibility into Majin by breaking his eeevvviiilll mask of darkness. Was it over? No. There was the final boss. And we love final bosses, don't we? I know I do. Except in this battle there was Majin, suddenly more of a nuisance than a help. 

I have to practically babysit him during the final battle. While this big guy goes and destroy the weak points of the big boss), I have to work my ass off keeping the boss's attention to me just to get Majin to work his magic. Then he goes "OUCH! What's this? It's taking my powers away. Tepeu, HELP!" Gawd!! Even Ashley was not this annoying! And Majin had to get inconveniently caught by this life-sucking meatball every friggin' five minutes! Not to mention I have to struggle in giving him instructions to where he had to hit, and he has to trip almost in every critical moment all the time I have to avoid getting splashed with sticky black liquid that renders me unable to fight for a few- but seemingly long- seconds. 

After another hour I finally beat this one ugly big boss. It has six boobs OK! And all of them were saggy. *wipe blood from eyes*

Then a cutscene.

Majin went and sacrificed himself for the safety of mankind. 


I hate you Majin..

All those hard works of keeping you safe and building our friendship you just go and die like that. *sob*

However, this game is still one of the best I've ever played :) Besides, what's the point of a game if it doesn't have one of those frustrating final boss fight?

Some of the most memorable annoyingly fun final battle I've ever had was with Jubileus (Bayonetta), Wesker (RE5), and Cardinal Rowen (Resonance of Fate) to name a few. Seriously, don't get me started on any of these final battles...