Just Three More Days~

...And holiday here I come! *happy face*

I haven't updated in a loooonnnggg time... because... well, I just didn't have the time. And I said I might do some book review last week.

Didn't happened. 'Cause the book was too gory for my taste. And I guessed I got bored by the first page with all the gory-ness... (Is that even a word?) Plus I got the scare of my life when, at the very last minute, my friends informed me that our paper on Monday might be in essay form. I had been studying my ass off on last year mcq questions (because last year and the year before it and before it everyone had mcq questions). So the news came like a blow, I only got 1 more day and a half to study the lecture notes which only consisted of maybe 70-80 slides. I finished the study OK, but then another thought came to me, "These lecture notes didn't exactly cover everything about the course..." And I panicked some more.

But when we sat for exam yesterday, it appeared the questions were actually structured questions rather than essay questions. I was beyond relieve... I think I did good. But I'll just wait for the result to come out and stop worrying for now. So that leaves me ONE paper left on this Thursday *grins*

And speaking of Thursday, my friend and I went to the cinema yesterday and watched THOR! 

Yes, I feel the need to capitalize that because the movie was awesome-sauce, and the lead actor was sexy (I was grateful the cinema was dark so no one noticed me drooling). hehehehehehhe

If you haven't watch this, go! Go now!

Now there are plenty of reasons to watch Thor. First the lead actor Chris Hemsworth was amazing. Love him to pieces. Then there was Tom Hiddleston as Loki, and he was terrific in portraying Loki's some-what pitiful and vengeful state. And then there's Anthony Hopkins, enough said. The plot was good, the graphic was breathtaking, and the whole concept was just awe-dropping. And I really don't have the ability to use anymore big words to tell you guys how much I love this movie. So just go and watch this if you haven't.

Ok, enough with Thor now.

The next thing I did is go to the bookstore. Yay some more!

Typical me. hehehhehheheh

At Times I found this;
 The book that I have been searching for months is now in my hands... I'm reading it now.

Another guilty pleasure, Vanished by Meg Cabot :3

Overall, I had a good day yesterday. *grins some more* I'm anticipating for this upcoming holiday, all of my websites are in dire need of updating. Especially DeviantArt

PS: Have you guys watched Insidious? If haven't then two words. You should.