Mad World

I just saw an old video where a girl was bullied by other girls; she was crying all the time while her bullies just laughed as they hit her on the head, strangle her with necktie and cut her hair with scissors. 

I have never been bullied. I cannot understand how it feels like. Yes we can say they feel sad, terrified, angry, everything. I know how they must have feel, but to really say something about the experience myself is not quite correct. It won't do these bully victims any justice. The best I can do, is at least acknowledge their feelings, consider the bullies' emotional state too, what drove them to hurt others, and as a future teacher, tries to prevent it in any appropriate way I can. 

These songs make me think about this matter every time I listened to them.

Mad World by Gary Jules 

Caught in the Crowd by Kate Miller-Heidke