Majin and The Forsaken Kingdom

Whenever I go to a game shop, I found myself always stumbling upon this game;

The cover looks pretty nice and you can see the game sports some gorgeous landscape. But for some reasons, I choose to ignore this game all the time. Until yesterday. 

I went to CP with my brother yesterday. CP is not really my favorite place when it comes to game-shopping, but I had to make do with it. There are only TWO interesting (at least to me) games I found there; Castlevania and this one.

So because Red Dead Redemption requires me to be dedicated for hours, I decided to sample MATFK just to relax. Then I found myself playing until 4 in the morning. The puzzles in the game- plus Tepeu and Majin's charm- entertained me to no end. I love this game for its puzzles, the wonderful landscapes, the surprisingly satisfying gameplay and the two main characters. I haven't yet found another human character. Most of the time, the animals help me around. So far, I've already defeated two bosses. Right now, I'm still exploring. 

I can say here that though I haven't finish the game, the few hours of playing MATFK have successfully made me addicted. I'll go and game now :)