Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This~)

Or not. 

Damn this insomnia! 

But strangely enough I'm quite inspired at this hour. 

Silent Hill... The one video game that speaks louder to me than any other games out there. Psychological horror at its best, Silent Hill has been a source of inspiration and enjoyment for me for such a long time. The first Silent Hill game and story that came to my life was Silent Hill 2. For me, Silent Hill 2 is still the best game on my collection. My heart is forever captured with the beauty and authenticity of the plot, the unique and satisfying gameplay as well as the pure terror of disturbed minds manifested with monsters. It is just that awesome-sauce...

Hurry up Silent Hill 8!! >.< This waiting is killing me!

The movie kinda suck since the story was off and it was more of a fan service film rather than one that really capture the beauty of the games (but Pyramid Head was quite fantastic there... ahem). And since I only have this footage on my lappy, it need to become useful to my imagination. 

So, I heard this song on Sucker Punch- a cover of Eurythmics' Sweet Dreams done by Emily Browning- and I thought it was pretty nice. Though Sucker Punch bored me to the point of sleeping... I'mma stay away from Mr. Snyder's movie from now on but I digress. The song Sweet Dreams got little to do with Silent Hill, but the dark tone is what really drawn me to make this random little video. It is only a 31 seconds of video editing, but I spent 2 hours and a half on it.. Shows that I'm somehow have forgotten the hang of it. And now I'm suffering... Oh my back...

So here's the video :)