Sweet, Sweet Holiday~

University holiday had just kicked in! 

There are a lot of things to catch up now I have SO-MANY-TIMES!!

1. Deviantart

I have maybe, 3-4 requests, on pending since last year.. I mean, they have been pending for a full year. I know... I am the worst person you can ask a thing to get done for -_- I'd been too busy and preoccupied with too many uni's stuffs. So, I'll get my ass on working on the few requests left :)

2. Youtube

I deleted my browsing history on my lappy, and then I found out I forgot my password on YT. Again. *sigh* I need to get to it asap, and do some video-editing. I haven't video edit in a long time, I'm itching to do it now.

3. Writing

You can tell, from my previous posts, that I am trying to improve my writing skill. 

4. Read

I finished my allowance on tons of books! *gasp* Happy reading to me :3

5. Part-time job/helping around

My dad owned a tuition. Occasionally, I go to teach at that tuition. Sometimes, dad will pay me for teaching. Pocket money during holiday is always a good thing.

6. Gaming

Yes! Moarr games! Currently playing Red Dead Redemption and loving it. 

7. Drawing

Supposed to be on dA section, but this one is personal. It is not requested, it is what I do when inspired. Sneak preview on a drawing I'm working on;

My fascination with vampires is revived with Let the Right One In. I'm inspired to do a vampire-fire based drawing because I liked the part where Akasha came out from the burning building looking all mean and badass in the QOTD movie. 

Akasha, played by the late Aaliyah (R.I.P), in the movie 

Now, I'm off to game some more! xD