Agonizing Over A Mundane Fate

This here is a fan art of Bryan Lee O'Malley's Ramona Flowers from the Scott Pilgrim's series. She is easily one of my favorite female character of all time. 

I drew this with passion. Trust me. It may not be much but I have always been the simple type, and I enjoy simple pictures more than ever. I had drawn this in the hope of improving my coloring style and later I had post this on DeviantArt for some comments. Alas, just like my other drawings, I get ignored most of the time.  

I'm not much compared to the other artists, but I'm working hard on my drawings. However it is hard considering since nobody really comments me, I'm not even sure if my works are good or not. 

This brings forth with the problem of promoting oneself to the community. Any community for that matter. 

In high school I had the joy of sharing my interest with my friends and classmates. Over the time, I learnt about the benefit of internet and how one can find much exposure in it. But exposing oneself is a hard thing. I've been trying to expose my works (not just drawing, my writings as well) for years on the internet, and usually I come to little success. Though I managed to drag some audiences to my writings, I would often find myself in bitter disappointment when their comments come as thoughtless. I love when people said they like my writings, but I found it saddening that that's all they gotta say. 

Same thing with my works on video-editing at youtube. There were only several videos of mine which received many recognition and views (because of the excessive use of masking) but also of my effort and story-telling ability, I think. Those views and comments were massive and it made me very happy. Nothing feels better than when people recognize your works which you've put much efforts, blood and tears in it. Same with drawings. Of course some of my drawings were lazy, but most of them I put myself in turmoil into finishing. So it comes really hard for me when my drawings do not receive the desired attention. 

But this is a world of competition and such. Nothing comes easy. Sometimes success comes after one is long gone from this world, but truly, I know I should never give up. I hope to get a stable teaching job after I graduated, and then I will continue to work on these things that I come to love. I will not resort to a mundane fate.