Book Review~ The Extraodinary Adventures of Alfred Kropp

Author: Rick Yancey
No of Pages: 339
Publisher: Bloomsbury

Synopsis: Alfred Kropp is trying to survive high school when his guardian uncle ropes him into a suspicious get-rich-quick scheme: stealing Excalibur, the legendary sword of King Arthur. But having retrieved it, Alfred unwittingly delivers the all-powerful weapon into the wrong hands. Events unfurl and, with his only surviving relative brutally murdered before his very eyes, Alfred not only has a very important mission to complete but also a certain score to settle.

So with an ancient order of knights in hot cars, thugs on motorcycles and a mysterious international organisation following his every lumbering steps, Alfred undertakes a modern-day quest to save the world from imminent destruction.

It has been a while since I last pick up a book about adventure. Gotta say I feel good and refreshed, taking a break from all the philosophical stuffs I often endorsed myself into. 

For me, this book is more of a light read. It does not contain that much of a heavy theme or things that could throw me into a row of unexplained emotion. I pretty much figure out most of the conflicts before I reach the end of the book. So the story was a so-so. 

What really drawn into finishing this book in a day is that the writing style is so easy and interesting. And the main character, Alfred Kropp, is a gem. The book tells from his point of view and my, Alfred is very amusing. Even when he is on angst mode, I still adore him. He has this witty thinking to him, and the way he speaks in brute honesty is endearing. I think the whole reason this book appeals to me very much is because of Alfred Kropp. His character develops considerably throughout the book but his wit as well as honesty remains to be his strongest assets. Well, at least for me. Plus, he delivers most of the best lines in the book.

Bennacio is also likeable. I come to despise mysterious characters a long time ago, perhaps because it occurs to me that these characters are more of a bunch of jerks rather than mysterious. So Bennacio hits the right nail as the mysterious one in the book. I love him to bits. Whereas Alfred is easy to figure out (given he's honest in everything he does), Bennacio likes to keep things from others. He doesn't share his emotion easily and does not seeks for others sympathy or understanding as well. I think for a character who remains cold all the time Bennacio receives my sympathy just as easily as Alfred receives my affection. 

The book is filled with satisfying fight scenes, funny conversations, dark humor and a considerable amount of sadness. It is also a bit brutal in terms of killing, beheading and mutilation... But then all those are also the fun parts. I will definitely recommend this to every adventure loving reader.

I give it 4 out of 4.