Finding My Muse~

I am having a great deal of a holiday here. Watching Xena Warrior Princess on marathon at Videobb, spending time playing games, reading up a bunch of books, drawing, obsessing over Merlin and Bones TV show, spending time with family... I'm loving every minute of it. Internet seemed almost non-existent to me. 

Well, I haven't got much to blog. So, I'll just post this drawing for my own amusement :3

Rubi Malone! 

I like the game Wet very much. Not my favorite, but still enjoyable. heheheehhe

I think I'm gonna do more fan arts, just to get my muse up and running again :)

And yeah, my sister and I are enjoying Sims 3 as well. It's a nice thing, you know, 'cause gaming is one of my 'lonely point'. 

Well, until then. I'm gonna enjoy life some more.