Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

Finally, I've beaten this game!

Okay, let me just say that I am not familiar with the original Castlevania series, and that I understand that this game is a reboot, so my opinion will be based solely on this game alone without any indication of the previous installments.

I used to have been a big fan of anything gothic; and before Twilight came to be, I used to be fascinated with vampires. I still do, what's with Anne Rice's books as part of my reading materials, but most vampires in fiction or media today just drove me to sleep. Perhaps it is the aspect of making a vampire as a love interest in such a shallow way. I am in no way against romantic vampires stories; in fact I love Buffy/Angel, Dracula (movie version), The Vampires Chronicles and Let the Right One In. All of these stories are delivered very realistically, not once did they rip the vampires' characteristic off, but played the creature's dangerous nature along. But I digress.

This game got every cool stuffs; vampires, lycans, necromancers and such. There is also a bit of biblical aspect but none too biblical actually. Though the story offers little, and it got a bit cheesy at the end, that doesn't mean this game is less entertaining. The strongest point has gotta be the designs; every intricate details of the buildings, scenery, textures, creatures are so vivid and imaginative. Sometimes I get distracted and ended up killing Gabriel by making him jump to the wrong directions into an endless pit. But the renderings proved to be a bit too much since some of the cutscenes lagged at some point of the game. Nonetheless, I didn't have any problem with the gameplay, which is surprisingly smooth.

Just like the satisfaction of playing Bayonetta and Resident Evil 5 overwhelmed me, so does Castlevania: LoS. I  enjoyed the battle system though most of the time I find it hard to perform a combo given that enemies surround me quickly. But then again maybe it’s because of my “noob-ishness”. I’m going to admit that I’m more inclined to love the game because of its abundance of puzzles. I spent more hours on this game than I should in a day just because I wanted to move further into the game and find more puzzles to be solved. And another satisfying thing about this game is that it is such a long game… I adore long games so enough said.

Apart from that, I think the Dracula design of this game is bad ass, and yeah, the malevolent and sorrowful attitudes add up to the cool points of this Dracula;