Double Standard

Double standard...

Until recently, my maturity or knowledge about battle between the sexes has never deepen like it has now. Growing up in quite a proper way (at least in the eyes of my society), I used to subconsciously hold such double standard opinion against every people I come to know. Whereas I think it's normal if a man curse or smoke and all, despite how hateful I felt towards such attitude, I think twice as badly towards a woman who curse or smoke. For me, it is never appropriate if a woman begin to indulge in such disgusting manner. Some men are always indecent in my eyes, but I could not believe women can be equally unpleasant. I treat my dislikes towards a woman just the same as with a man, but now that I think carefully, I might have made a few comments about "how terrible that girl is for doing all those things" while at the same time I had shrugged off the "boys will be boys" excuse. Now, that's a pretty unfair judgment.

What inspires me to write this off is the comment made by my brother some time ago. We were on our way to the tuition as usual on Saturday morning, when we saw a woman driving beside our car smoking. My brother immediately made a comment about how such woman is crude and a bighead. I was quiet for a moment before replying "men smoke too". My brother then brushed me off with this statement "men are like that. Women who smoke are different". So, it's a normal thing for men to be supposedly crude while women are frowned upon. I am ashamed for letting myself agree with a lot of double standard opinions in the past. Right after that day, I tried to re-educate myself vigorously, or at least, train my thoughts to like and dislike things properly. For instance, I'll continue to hate cursing and smoking, but I will not dislike the women doing them more than the men. Or better I'll learn to accept people's imperfection and practice more on compassion. But for sure, no more will I treat the other sex differently from the other.