When some friends told me that we're gonna have to submit our 60 pages of combined assignments by next week, I almost had a heart attack. I've just like, got into several pages since I got back from camping. So I was so frustrated, and I almost ended up crying. But I didn't of course. I'm kinda good with stress-handling, so I just go with the flow.

So I almost blow a few kisses to our professor when he said he's extending the dateline to the week after next. haha, no big deal..

I spent my Saturday mulling over my 20 pages of individual assignments and got it finished; APA format, pages .. all done! I wanted to continue with my Kemahiran Berbahasa Malaysia dalam Pendidikan assignment, but my head was all spinning and all, so I ended up spending Saturday night playing Deus Ex.. Yeah, I'm starting to love this game. It has that Metal Gear feeling, with all the stealth stuffs and all. And the limited ammo and weapons definitely makes all the challenges fun. I'm in no rush to finish the game, as there's not a new thing at game stores now.. Besides, I'm starting my PSMP I now, more assignments!

Fun stuff :3

Man, I can't wait to finish uni life soon! Get my own job, do the monthly pay for my car myself, be independent ..  Well, might as well try to enjoy this young age too, 'cause I really feel like I'm getting old faster than anyone.. Just like when one of my students said to me after I told them I'm 21; "But teacher, you look like you're 23..." ROFL.. Hot damn! I keep getting the same comment about my appearance regarding my age. I'm really mature then? No?