Upcoming games I'd like to get my hands on

Currently, I'm still playing Deus Ex Human Revolution. Due to excessive things to do (assignments + tuition works), I've only played through the game for a few hours. It's quite decent but I won't know for sure. I'm not really sure if I like the game, but I'll finish it first before giving a full evaluation.

So the reason for this post is... because I'm a bit stressed out with the mounting pile of assignments. Seriously, just last week we've only got to worry about camping and what not, and this week four assignments are given consecutively. One of them has got to be finished within 150 to 200 pages. And we still haven't got news about our PSMP. Thus I am de-stressing myself by doing a list of all the games I would like to add to my collection;

1) Assassin's Creed Revelation
I doubt anyone wouldn't recognize this franchise. Assassin's Creed is one of those games that offers strong plot with imaginative gameplay. Not to mention all the reconstruction of civilization like the Renaissance, AC also has its way with histories. If you've ever read or watch about the history of the Knight's Templar on History channel, this game will entice you. It sure entices a history geek like me!

2) Mass Effect 3
I've only played Mass Effect 2 and haven't the luck of finding the first installment. But still, the game rocks! Mass Effect involves space traveling, legendary commander, aliens, conflict, war, future civilization and many, many things. I love playing this game to the core. I really hope I'll find Mass Effect 3 around KK when it comes out. 

3) Silent Hill: Downpour
I was not really interested with games before I played Silent Hill 2. Even when the franchise is becoming different and the scare factor lessened, I still love Silent Hill. The disturbing imagery and psychological implications fascinates me, the puzzles never bore me, and coupled with great scores, Silent Hill captures my heart over and over again. I hope this new installment will not disappoint.

4) Devil May Cry Reboot
Okay, okay... I know a lot of people a outraged with the new design for Dante. I on the other hand are among those who are excited. I'm not a die hard fan of the DmC franchise, but I still enjoy it. Besides, this still look badass no matter what people say. 
5) Batman: Arkham City
My favorite superhero of all time will always be Batman. The first game got me hooked, everything was so sleekly designed; from the characters to the scenery, and fight system is incredibly smooth and enjoyable. Besides, it's the Batman dudes; swinging around, playing detective, beat up bad guys... what's not to like. Another cool stuff; this time they got the Catwoman... Woo-Hoo!

6) Tomb Raider
I've never played Tomb Raider. Honest. But I'm pretty psyched with this game. They've reboot the franchise and yeah, I love the new Lara Croft design. I've watched the demo, and I'm very sure this is going to be my one of my favorites. 

7) Fable: The Journey
I love Fable for all the cliche and formulaic stuffs it offers. Fable lets you live in that familiar fairy tale and let you shape what kind of person you're gonna be. It got funny dialogues, hilarious moments and even heart-wrenching ending (I'm still mourning over my dead dog in Fable II). I heard this one is gonna be a bit different, but I don't care! I'm still going to enjoy Fable as long as it has all the wittiness and fun story-telling in it. 

8) Final Fantasy XIII-2
I'm not really high on FF, but still, I'd love to play the series. My first Final Fantasy was FF12, and despite everyone disliking it, I've had fun with the game and it surely peak my interest to the RPG genre. I hope this is going to be better than FFXIII, and I really hope Vanille is not going to be in it. Sorry guys, she's too annoying for me.
9) Metal Gear Solid: Rising
Metal Gear Solid again with Raiden. The first MGS I've played is the second one with Raiden as the main lead. He's well hated by fans, but since he's the first MGS guy I've got to play and associate with, I'm quite fond of him. So, come on Rising!

So, there's my list. I'm going to save my money for these babies.