Dead Space 2

As of 3.00 in the morning today, I've finally beaten Dead Space 2.. (actually, it didn't really take me long to finish it, started playing it at Saturday and continued till today). The game got me glued to my screen; between assignments (the one that feels just like doing thesis) and other academic matters to handle, I'm pretty surprised with myself for finding time to play Dead Space 2 like crazy!

I absolutely love this game. There's not a minute in it that I feel bored. And I'm thrilled with playing as Isaac again, and this time he talks; though I cared for the character on the first game, here I feel connected to him. I liked the whole ordeal where he's losing his mind and was fighting both for his life and against guilt. It gave me an intimate look into Isaac as a person, and the fleshed-out character is just what hooked me up into diligently finishing this game.

Apart from that, the gameplay... Dang the gameplay is not just good- it is amazing... I mean seriously, it is harder than the first and certainly a lot more fun and engaging. I mean, who doesn't love impaling those ugly monsters with their own body parts? And the game environment is twice as scary... I cannot forget those children bedrooms, innocent as it seems but filled with haunting messages on the walls. Or the chaos around the Sprawl, and the seemingly out of place images (babies and monsters). And the whole corridor things... I was scared on the first game, but this one managed to make me feel claustrophobic.. And those monsters kept popping out of nowhere just to make me feel miserable and helpless all the time, it up my scare level to a good max, not to mention this game lets me know just how ugly I can cuss... heh xD

The monsters are a lot more resilient, made me trigger-happy almost all the time and ammo-less by the end of the game... I had to restart the whole checkpoint, and yeah, for those of you who've played this game, you'll know just how nail-biting frustrating it is having to play the whole chapter 15 checkpoint once again... Keeping alive is really a great deal of work in this one. I only died on Dead Space for being stupid (seriously it's hard for me to notice all the minor details which results in my game-overs), but Dead Space 2 really nailed me like, in every chapter. The monsters, oh boy they meant business... Final battle is as epic as the first, and more challenging. You really need to know what kind of weapons are useful and how to handle all the money and power nodes you'll come across. It's not just upgrading senselessly, it takes careful considerations on which nodes I must commit in order to make sure I'm fully ready for battle. More fun stuffs are the unlockables... I love the suits, so much that 'cause they make me look good even though I died of mutilation. Plus the weapons are great, I love the varieties of guns I can use here, contact beam especially when it comes to saving myself from hordes of necromorphs.

Overall, this is a great haunted house/space game. I'm hoping to see more of this in the future :)