Dead Space

WOOT! I've beaten Dead Space! Oh yeah, I've played this baby and already finished 80% before my stupid illnesses came, and beaten it while I'm a few hours migraine-free.. Take that, headache!

I've been dying to play this game for a long time. I kept seeing Dead Space 2 around 1B but never the first installment. The new game shop had this and I was thrilled. Finally, I can get the gist of why this game is as fun and scary as people said it is. And boy how I love it.

The first thing I must say, as I'm very new to Dead Space, is that this game scared the shit out of me. Just a few hours of playing and I can't count how many times I'd jumped or let out some shocked cursed words. Plus the music and the shadowy atmosphere, also with the creaking sounds and those monsters jumping from here and there... It's really hard not to scream once. And I played during the night. I just love horror stuffs at night. You can feel the intense danger lurking at every corner, threatening to kill you at one swipe if you're not ready.

And yeah, I got maimed and died a couple of times. And all the time it happened I'll have this look on my face: O.O

I like the gameplay a lot; I enjoyed third person view shooter more than anything when it comes to shoot and run games. I never feel safe or confident when it comes to first person shooter, since it's so hard to see all place at once (but then that's why Bioshock was so much fun). It's really cool to play as someone that is not a soldier or a mercenary or anything when it comes to space shooting game. This time I get to play as an engineer, with mining tools kinda weapons that contain so little space for ammunition at first. But sometimes I get too excited and later found with no ammo at all.. I lost control so easily with my fingers.. hahah

Some of the puzzles were really hard to figure out (because I couldn't notice the little details), but none of them are boring. Most of the time I run around the ship trying to fix it while shooting and stomping over monsters, apart from the occasional puzzles. There was not much to do though, but that doesn't really take the fun away. The bosses aren't really hard, but some of them are frustrating.. and final boss fight is freakin' epic. One thing though, Isaac was very quiet from the start to the end of the game. I really wish I can hear him say something, comment on Kendra and Hammond for comfortably staying in safety while sending him out to danger alone, or just say something other than scream when a monster hit him. But that doesn't ruin anything for me, I still love playing as Isaac. And I'm gonna go buy Dead Space 2 after this. Woo-hoo!

P.S: I found this cute parody of Dead Space which make me LoL so hard I feel my stomach going to burst!