Mid-semester break and there're already two good news; Family Day which was supposed to be on this Saturday was cancelled, and English class that was going to take three days of holiday was also postponed. I have a full week holiday to myself.

I was in a very high feeling as I've finished half of my assignments and had already submitted them to my lecturers. I'd also had undergone three midterms, and yeah, I really think I did quite well. Except for the last one... Though I think I got most of the questions right..

So I got home today feeling very happy and relaxed. I haven't played games for some time so I went ahead and played Bayonetta, just for some "fingers exercise". Then I took out my Deus Ex disk, and with a very elated feeling, started playing. I only played the thing for like, 1 minute, before it suddenly froze.

Since my 360 is kinda crappy anyway, I just thought it was just one of those freeze-problem. I turned off my console (like I usually do when this problem arises), and turned it back on. But, when I got into the title menu of Deus Ex, I found the load button was in red; the game did not have any save files to load.

I was like "WTF?", went to check on the memory and found that all of my Deus Ex save files are still intact (they're not corrupted or anything). But Deus Ex couldn't load those save files, or more precisely, the load button is not functioning at all. It acted as if I've never played the game ever. At this moment, I was thinking of only one thing; "Do I have to play the whole- friggin'- thing all over again?" I mean seriously, DO I HAVE TO GO THROUGH EVERY LEVEL, EVERY SIDE QUEST FROM THE VERY BEGINNING?

So yeah, here I am, Googling away hoping to find a solution to this mess. And so far, no luck. I have two choice: play the goddamn thing all over again, or just forget about Deus Ex and buy a new game... *sigh*