Fever and Migraines Kinda Ruin My Holiday

I was so excited about my one week holiday (because I hate staying at campus), and was extremely happy to just spend some time at home with the prospect of doing nothing but enjoy my life as I haven't done so in such a long time. Those long time being filled with uni's obligations and assignments. I'd spent two of my days enjoying myself, went to a cousin's engagement on Saturday and an outing with BFF Fay on Sunday, while I spent Monday and Tuesday fully dedicated to my assignments.

Yes. I'd worked non-stop on Monday and Tuesday, as I'd been doing lately even before holiday came. I'm not a workaholic, but I got quite a strong commitment to my works. I'm on my final year, and I think it's just normal for anyone to get this "dedicated". So I worked myself from like 9 in the morning till 10 to 12 midnight. Just sitting in front of my laptop and do all my assignments diligently. The byproducts are that I've finished half of my works, and it gives me some breathing space for my thesis... I thought I was going to be able to finish everything by the end of this week.

And then the inevitable happened. On Wednesday morning I woke up feeling strangely cold and weak. I can feel my skin burning and I know a fever had just befell on me. Still, I thought it might be nothing but when I tried to walk, that's when the full extent of my pain came rushing through. There was this splitting pain wracking my head, and my vision became blurry altogether. I couldn't think or even walk properly. I stumbled myself into my room again and lied down, thinking if I rest for another hour or two the pain would go away. However, when I woke up, the pain stung two times more than earlier. I realized by then that it was already 1pm, and thinking I didn't need another illness striking me down, I texted my sister to bring me some breakfast.

My sister, grumpily and not understandingly, brought breakfast to me. But I was too weak to even sit. She kept telling me I need to eat right now and then before I get gastric (hah! As if I didn't know that, what's the point of me texting her to bring me some breakfast?). Clearly the pain and pallid look on my face was lost to her as she kept talking loudly. My head was about to explode just at the tiniest sound of her voice. Imagine the PAIN. Then came another disaster, which was my maid, whose voice can kill a person with ultrasonic hearing to help my sister 'coax' me to eat breakfast. Now imagine that kind of PAIN. I know they meant well, but they really didn't have the slightest idea of how painful it was to just hear their yelling amidst my unexplained migraine.

While they were off feeling grumpy at being yelled back by me (I couldn't take their noises anymore), my mom came home, listened to me explaining I have migraine and gave me a bit of massage to ease the pain. Then they brought me to see the doctor, who wanted to give me an injection, which I rejected as mightily as I can, and later on we went back home. I tried to fall asleep but yeah, the pain was persistent. In addition, I feel like vomiting. You know the feeling of wanting to puke but you can't, and that unpleasant lodging in your throat? Yeah. And I have this feeling for a long time that I have Emetophobia, where I'm more being fearful of feeling nauseated. I can't even find the correct word to describe my feeling at that time. And sadly, as usual, nobody really understands why I react the way I did when I got sick like that. Thus, I felt so alone in my pain..

Thanks to my mom though, 'cause she kept massaging my head the whole time, that I eventually fell asleep. The pain subsided on Wednesday night, but on Thursday morning until Friday, my migraine was keen on keeping me company. Thanks to God as well, for keeping me in check with my feelings, and to good medication, my migraine was gone by Friday night. Leaving me only with fever, which when compared to migraine, is quite bearable. Now guys, I know a lot of you feel I'm over-reacting, but truly, I'm not. I cannot stand pain, I tried, but I really can't. I seldom get sick. I only have fever or flu like once in five months or more. Seriously. Maybe it's because I'm very careful with my hygiene (wash your hands frequently to avoid being sick). So, that's why when illness finally struck me, I don't have any strength to fight back 'cause I'm not used to illness. I think my body doesn't have enough antibody to fight all these illnesses as it doesn't have a chance to build one since I'm not a frequent sicker..

There's a downside to everything huh...

Now, my works are all in a mess, and I have to get back to them soon.. I really hope this week does not end up killing me..