Marvel VS Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds

Today I'd accompanied my mother to attend my cousin's engagement, and another cousin's wedding near Penampang. We started going home after 2.30 in the evening, and made a turn at 1Borneo. In case you've ever read my previous posts, I love 1B for two things: games and books. 1B is the best place for me to go fishing out new games, and it provides one of the best Popular bookstore around KK ever. And I'm delighted to find out a new game shop had just opened. I spent around RM 80 on games just for today, and feeling rather high.

It's confirmed that my Deus Ex disk is messed up (neither the save or load buttons are working anymore), therefore I'm taking a break from playing it. I'm sad, but there's really nothing I can do at the moment. Maybe I'll buy another disk...

One of the games I've bought today is Marvel VS Capcom 3. I'm a fan of both Marvel and Capcom, and I know this game have been around for a while. I'm not big on fighting genre games, but still this is a very fun game to play while I'm up for some crazy button-smashing, combo-ing stuffs.

I suck at fighting games. Really I do... My fingers get tired very easily, so I get game over quite a lot. But this game is still very enjoyable.

The graphics and animation are really fanciful and smooth. I love all the stages and character designs, as well as their movements and amazing fighting choreograph. As usual, there's the training mode, arcade, missions and versus mode. Every mode is a heavy challenge (at least for moi), so it's gonna be really addictive. I know I've played it for a straight 3 hours. Only stopped when I remembered I've got an assignment to finish. Now, I've just finished doing my job, I can go back to enjoying my games.

And before this post come to an end, let me just share this awesome-sauce opening from Marvel VS Capcom 3;

p.s: When I saw the original Dante here, I can see the reason behind all the rage against the reboot. Dante is just waaayyyyy too cool to be rebooted...