My Sister Called Me a Kid for Reading Superhero Comic

Case #1

My female cousins came around to my house, saw me playing this;

I heart this game despite the lack of zombies

... and they said; "Why're you play this? It's kiddie stuff".

I was surprised with their statement ('cause I was in the middle of blowing brains out) and replied; "No, it's not... It has a really enjoyable and challenging game-play".

At which they replied; "It's kiddie stuff".

Case #2

Some times ago, I was watching one of my favorite show ever;

Xena poreber~
... and my brother came and said; "Xena? That's for kids"

Shocked at his statement against one of the most iconic shows ever I replied; "Xena offers a strong drama about friendship and loyalty, and is very imaginative and beautifully filmed, and it got great scores..."

At which he replied; "It's about swords. It's kiddie stuff".

Case #3

A few nights ago I was reading this;

An awesome comic from Marvel btw

... and my younger sister came upon me and said "Gosh, why're you reading kiddie stuff?"

I was surprised by her statement and replied "It got amazing story-line, great characters and beautiful art, and it's really interesting".

To which she replied "It's a kiddie stuff".

Hmm... Sad to say my family still thinks the media used to tell all these wonderful stories are kiddies stuff just because they come from games, sword-fight-fantasy shows and comic books. Well, at least I tried to tell them what they're missing..