Songs, Dramas, Movies I Can Relate To?

I remember my brother said to me when I fell asleep during one Kdrama session with them that I have 'no feelings'. Hmm... Well, I didn't understand the infatuation with obnoxious pretty boys and childish cute girls on Kdrama, nor do I cry during sinetron episodes which consists of a thousand crying scenes, nor do I care about teenage drama that deals with angst and all, but I certainly have feelings. Only when it comes to movies or dramas, it gonna take more than just pretty faces and lame romantic songs to really make me cry. Good acting wins over good looks. I love guys and girls just contort their faces in sadness or anger, snivels while they cry without a goddamn care about how they look, that is true emotion right there. Beautiful, meaningful scores wins over lame romantic songs. I don't hate romantic songs, but it's gotta be more than just "I love you, you love me" kind of song. Poetic songs win my heart best, epic masterful scores touch me deep. And then comes the way scenes of a movie are handled. I find the hugging-from-behind, hold-hand stuffs are boring and may I say, a bit pretentious? If a guy I love is going to leave me, I'll do more than hug him from behind. I'll chase him and ask him what I'd do wrong, cursed him if I have too, but no hugging-from-behind. So, yeah, most people pretty much didn't understand what really touch my heart. And all the time I enjoyed beautiful movies on my own, as my siblings cannot grasp the beauty of life and art such movies present.

Now, just because I never fall in love doesn't mean I don't like love stories. But I'm much more inclined to movies that present genuine feelings and fantastic stories than just a mish-mash of musics, dance sequence, teary scenes to wrench audience's heart out, and filled with CGI mess (coughsuckerpunchcough). These are some songs and movies scenes that give a strong impact on my mind and heart;

Check out this funny scene from Moulin Rouge where Christian and Satine first fell in love after a misunderstanding;

This one is from the Interview with the Vampire, a very nice vampire story by Anne Rice whom sadly, seemed to be forgotten amidst the Twilight insanity (which I think is unnecessary). I love how this scene mixes fear, hatred, guilt and anger altogether, and I kinda like Tom Cruise here;

All of the strongest scenes from The Brothers Bloom, this movie is unique in terms of atmosphere, and the relationship is what I really see as cute and lovable;

Check this one out from Little Miss Sunshine, my favorite movie of all time. This movie is the ultimate family movie, I can't never forget this one;

There are a lot of movie scenes which I would love to show you guys, but it's gonna take too much space.. :/

Oh, songs that I could relate too is hardly about relationship, or about relationship but not in a couple-ly way. Probably because I'm more in tune with doing the right thing in my life (I'm hardly a religious person, but I take my relationship with God seriously). So, any songs that I can relate in accordance to my relationship with God (I'm gonna have to admit here it's quite hard for me to connect with church praise songs), are songs that comes out depicting inner feelings, guilt, anger and such. 'Cause I realize I get close to God when I open up myself to Him, lay down every guilty things that played on my mind and asking for His understanding, forgiveness and help to move on, and do the right thing in the future. Songs like these help me to relate my feelings toward God, and my desire to be with Him :)

This song is a wonder. For me it's about moving on from a past sin, a difficult heart break, or a painful memory and celebrate life in the fullest. This song is about being a better person and such. By the way, I love Florence and The Machine, all of her songs are mind blowing, deep and poetic. I think I'll do some more sharing on my blogs for songs next time :)