The Walking Dead

Just a few weeks ago, a friend introduced me to the miniseries The Walking Dead, which involves family drama, survival, and zombies (I think most people already figured that out just by reading the title). There was only six episodes for the first season, and I've already finished the current second season's episodes. Currently I'm waiting for the fifth episode.

Now, when something involves zombies, we'll always think about blood, intestines, guts and all. Zombified corpses just awoke and start eating people, the living killing off the zombies while the audience cheer or recoiled in disgust. The Walking Dead has all of that, but much, much better in the sense of conflict building, characters' development, and story-telling.

We first get introduced to Rick Grimes who, upon waking from a coma, discovers the world filled with dead bodies and walking corpses. He was saved by two other survivors, adapted to the problems and began to search for his missing wife and son.

That's about much I will tell you, don't wanna spoil the fun for those who haven't watch The Walking Dead yet.

I like watching the blood and gore type of movies just for the heck of it. But I tend to shut down my mind when it comes to hardcore, meaningless violence. I do not glorify violence, nor any of the movies that did so (Machete is the no. 1 what-the-f**k-must-burn-at-sight movie when it comes to violence). But I like movies that feature violence in a way that is complicated, and with sense. The Walking Dead for instance shows the survivors resorting to violence because they are desperate, they are afraid, and they are losing or still holding onto hope of living a better day.

It's nice to see a zombie series that shows how hard it is for the character to re-kill the zombies even when they know zombies are mere walking corpses and not living human anymore. They shows their remorse, and are disgusted at the actions they are forced to take in order to keep living. This is the kind of conflict that draws me to watch The Walking Dead. And it's great to see all kind of characters trying to keep up with each other for survival; a cop who struggles with his sense of duty and responsibilities to keep his family and friends save, his wife who feels guilty for having a false relationship with his best-friend, the ex-partner who is torn with his loyalty as a friend and love for the wife of his friend, a bitter woman who just lost her sister and keeps blaming herself and everyone, a timid mother trying to make ends meet for her daughter, a hard-tempered redneck with a heart of gold, and so much more.

I care deeply for all of these characters obviously, but also I found myself caring and pitying some of the zombies. For me the scene where Rick Grimes searched for the zombie girl and killed her was one of the most beautiful. He saw how she was suffering from such condition (despite her being a zombie and all), and the act of him shooting her was actually an act of pity rather than what most zombies movie offers us. I love how despite all the violence and cruelty portrayed in this movie, the characters retained their humanity and even extended their sympathy for the zombies they encountered along the way.

Don't be deceived, she (Hannah or famously known as "bicycle girl")
 actually owns the most memorable scene in The Walking Dead

I highly recommend this to everyone. Watch this and be amazed :)


  1. Wow! Slalu sa nmpak d external hardisk org ni drama tp nda tau pula begini siuk. lepas ni mo copy dr dorg la.. hehehe

  2. Sangat2 best ini series :3 p la copy, pastu tingu.. musti ko pn jatu cinta sm ni series xD


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