Did I Make The Most of Loving You?

Aright, here's the thing. I've halfway through finishing the first draft to my PSMP before I'll meet Dr L and get "timbak". Having to stay one week without my Xbox, cinemas and wonderful tv-shows just make me feel depressed. I mean it. I'm d-e-p-r-e-s-s-e-d... Plus I've been Yokoyoko-ing my back since 5 hours ago. Yeah, that shows my determination in my PSMP.. Despite the unpleasant queasiness I'm having in my stomach, and I can't sleep at night- because Dr L's face kept hovering in my head...

It will be 2 more weeks before study week comes, and 5 more weeks until my seventh semester comes to an end :) Ahhh the pleasant feeling of knowing you'll get out from campus and finally do some teaching... *cross fingers* And you know what I want the most after my PSMP is done... a boxset of both Downton Abbey current seasons.

Nobles~ gotta love 'em

Oh, I'm not one for sappy romantic soap drama... But this one just got my attention and it grips me in place real hard... Besides, I watched the pilot episode on Diva Universal and immediately fall in love. This is the kind of sappy romance I'll watch! I'll recommend this to any of you who wants a break from cutesy Korean guys and gals and cute fluffy love story that makes people like me gag :D (juz kidding, peace~) And it has the most beautiful theme ever!

And another show I'll recommend to you guys if you got tired of all the spies, police, sinetron, lovey-dovey stuffs on tv;

The fairy tale my grown up self can love and enjoy :)

It's not merely about princesses and evil stepmothers and dashing princes... Happy ending, well, it's still about that. This show is a careful deconstruction of the fairy tales theme; you know the young, sweet, innocent, helpless Snow White? She's a woman who strives to survive against all odds and is willing to do anything to keep herself alive (she even robs Prince Charming, that's how they got to know each other). You know Snow White's evil, malicious, beauty-obsessed Queen? She's a victim of the society they lived in, grew bitter about it and eventually decides to create her own happy ending despite dire consequences. You know who's the hero of the show? Well, certainly not a damsel in distress waiting for the "real" hero to save her. Trust me, you used to be a fan of all Grimm's fairy tales when you're a kid, you'll love this show.