Do It Like A Dude

I just saw this today, and somehow, I love it very much. The aggressiveness and women masculinity portrayed in this video, or perhaps the notion of masculinity played by Jessie, draws my interest. I like different things, you know. Things that are against the standard of this world. All women are feminine and demure? Fuck that, I do it like a dude! Hah! 

Of course, that does not mean I'm saying that masculinity is a lot more superior and admirable in this world that women need to act all manly so they can get a standing among their male peers. I believe that the world needs both masculine and feminine nature; as both are complimentary towards one another and both are very admirable. There's no "more superior" to either nature. Men are not anymore superior than woman just because they're manly and calm and all, while women are less because they are emotional. Both sexes are of equal standing and uniqueness. The only thing setting them apart is our ridiculous expectations and gender stereotypes. In other words, the world need to stop associating men and women with different manly womanly domain and punishes them when they do not follow such standard. 

That said, enjoy the video. I like this much better than Beyonce's Run The World ('cause the first time I heard that song, I thought the lyric was a bit pitiful at some point- I still do). Jessie's lyrics are more rugged and brutally honest in what it wanted to say- that is women can pretty much do anything that men can do (Run The World kinda screams "women are better!", and I can't seem to really like the message even if I enjoy the song). It's much more sarcastic in my opinion, in oppose to the usual teasing in "girl power" lyrics... And that's maybe one of the reason of my instant liking to the song :)