Nice Photograph Effects

I read an interesting article on taking pictures like a professional photographer just by using a digital camera some few weeks ago, and thought that I give photography a try. Just because I can. Hah!

After several tries with my brother's Sony Cyber-Shot, I found several pictures which I really like. But of course, with digital camera comes several advantages like under-exposure, shaky hand, etc. Thus, I Googled around for some photoshop photo editing tutorials. Not wanting to just be satisfied with fixing my amateurish photos, I also played around with some cool effects tutorials and stuff. Here are some of the before(s) and after(s) photos I've messed around with.

1)  Retro Analog Effect

Taken in my room. A friend gave me this cute little kitty as birthday present when I was still in high school. I tried to go for the blurry background setting with this one. I like how this turned out.

2)  Instagram Nashville Effect 

One of my cats lazying around. She made it easy for me to take the picture. I like how she looked so sleepy while staring at the camera. Or she was thinking at what the heck was I doing sitting around on the dirty ground with that weird machine on her...

3)  Lomo Photography

Ahh, I love this effect very much. It has the sharp image, vivid color and all cold-vintagey feel to it. However, I don't like it much on this picture. And another kitty who was curious with the camera.

4)  Nostalgic Retro Fairytale Effect

This one suffers from under-exposure. But with the help of this tutorial, I've managed to fix that and play around with the another cool effect. I love this one in particular. Probably it's because of my cute little kitten right over there watching at me. He was following me around trying to scratch the camera. This little kitty was too curious with everything.