Polaroid Effect

I was fooling around with my brother's camera again today, and it was nice to have taken some photos of my cats while they were playing around the house. I only played with one effect tonight though. Here's the tutorial for the Retro Polaroid Coloring effect.

The Original Picture
Bland, uninteresting, and a bit flat. Even though my cat is so goddamn adorable! *grins* I sneaked up on him while he was sneaking up on his siblings. Thus the big, wide surprised eyes.
*gasp* You scared meh!

Retro Polaroid
There are 3 different standards of the retro polaroid looks, all done in the same several simple steps. You can try and experiment what colors and blend mode you like to achieve that nice looking polaroid coloring on your pictures. The tutorial is awesome. You should go and check it out. *wink*

The last one on the bottom right is my own experiment~
I experimented a bit on the last one. By blurring some parts of the picture and making it look saturated into black and white. But it didn't quite show, eh?