Quick Post: Exam

I am on my second week of exam, got two papers for this week, and I haven't got the time to properly revise my notes since I am still doing some improvements for my thesis. Cue for our supervisor who has little time for us during the weeks before exam started, and suddenly got us super-busy on the weeks we're supposed to be focusing on our exam. You know, this is depressing. Just when I've decided to go all dedicated for my exam in order to get better result for this semester, I had to let my focus run elsewhere and now even when I'm studying I cannot get myself to concentrate. Woo-hoo for late minute PMSPI!

Apart from that, once I've finished this semester, I might only have three to four days of rest as I need to get myself up and working on the research instruments and of course, dealing with all eight schools' headmasters/headmistresses. Eight friggin' schools, with what, 500-800 samples? I've never conducted a research before but even I know that's a lot of work. And I'm (with my other peers) a one woman army on this matter. We each got our own research so helping one another is out of the question. Besides, we only have like three to four weeks to get our butts working on dealing with teachers, collecting data, analyse 'em and finish chapter 4 and chapter 5 for our PSMPII. All of these before 27 February... And while I'm supposed to be teaching at tuition (getting ready for classes in tuition is the same thing for me when I'm doing Latihan Mengajar later, prepare lesson plans, revise, etc) ... I think I'll get bald somewhere within the process. 

But then again, I have to ground myself to not bitch about it- in real life at least. Blogging is a good stress outlet. Actually doing research is interesting, I wanted to do one since I first studied Statistics. Even if our lecturer at that time was an insufferable bi- no, self-control.... So it's actually good I have a chance at it, get the stress and excitement of it, analyse data like a real researcher. I know I'll get a good grasp on it afterwards. It's like the Malay saying "Bersusah-susah dahulu, bersenang-senang kemudian". Gaining knowledge on this matter is cool. And I take it this is one of the many things I'm going to learn to endure and have greater patience. All in all, this business is not going to matter that much once I find success. 

Rock on, peeps!