Quick Post: New Blog Name!

Yes, YES, I've changed it. Again! *insert evil laugh*

There are two reasons for me changing my blog name again, and I think it's only fair I explain why. Before that, I think this is the third time I've changed the name of my blog. I remember the first name for this blog was 'These Things I knew'. Didn't work because it sounded too corny. At least for me. Ok, so here are the reasons for me changing my blog name:

My very own first banner (photo courtesy of my brother)

1) If the first name was too corny, the second was too tiresome. It was 'Words from a Moderate Twenty-Something Nerd'. Yes, I am a bit nerdy. My brother said so. I checked my own personality and I also think so. There's nothing to be ashamed off, you got your likes and stuffs, so it is normal to go about sharing it. But I do not know what possessed me to come up with such a long, goddawful long name. It was too friggin' long, and it was highly ineffective.

2) I am improving my blog. Like, design and everything. Still working on it. I can't count how many times I've changed my blog design AND blog template also. Nothing can seems to satisfy. I'm going for KISS principle this time, and I hope it works.

Got any suggestions how this could any better?