Virtual Villagers: The Lost Children

This game is kinda fun. The first time Virtual Villagers was introduced to me was back in 2008. One of my roommates played this game diligently, and would spend her time checking up on her villagers whenever she got the time. I never played this game up until recently though. It is like Sims, except with villagers on an unknown island. We're supposed to be playing this to get to know the secret of the island by improving their technologies and the knowledge of their culture. I think I enjoyed this much more than Sims. At least they can live and procreate even while I'm not on the game. Heheh. AND NO PARTIES/SOCIALIZATION NEEDED. Just set these villagers' working preferences on parenting, and then they'll have babies all the time...

The blonde lady with the white bundle? Her job is making babies. Literally. 
 Most of my villagers are either scientists or farmers: as these two profession keep the village going strong. Endless source of food is important if you don't want them turn up as skeletons. I had a game over once because I couldn't figure out how to make a dam for the farm, and the sea was overran by algae while the coconuts were scarce. The villagers died of hunger, it was pretty depressing. I was feeling really noobish so I checked out some Virtual Villagers clues on Google, and finally managed to make them grow in numbers.

I'm glad this game gives me the leverage in terms of time. I don't have to sit around and wait for them to get their lives by as this game runs even while it is not played. So I can check anytime I want and they've improved their skills, manage their resources, and procreate on their own. I got more time on my reading my book with this game being so manageable. Hahah.. Well, except for the collectibles. I can't make the children pick the collectibles if I'm not on the game.

The village's farm. I like the view. I want to have a farm right next to a clean, beautiful river too.
So far, I've solved 11 out of 16 puzzles. Had two villagers died, and two amnesia accidents. I'll stick around and see what happen next.

Here I am talking about Virtual Villagers (laugh at self). It's not I disliked Sims at all, in fact, I think the Sims series are very realistic and enjoyable. It is just that I have so little times for games Sims. Besides, pc games like these tend to be short and to the point. They might also be repetitive but I think each one of us has a favorite game like this stored up in the pc. I like to play all kind of games anyway.