Female Video Game Heroines I'd Loved to See on Movies (Part 1)

Now, I love playing games, and I also enjoy watching movies. It seemed female warriors/fighter/tough gal-esque movies seemed to be in very few numbers when compared to how many male-centric movies out there. I remember watching Mortal Kombat movie again a few weeks ago, and just realized what I haven't while I was small; that both Kitana and Sonya were very pathetically portrayed. How come most female heroines that got picked to be on movies are super hot, complete with revealing clothes, mysterious attitude to make them more sexy and somehow very interested in the lead male characters? Why no one wants to pick and portray interesting, complicated female characters with stories central to their lives?

So far, the female game heroines I've known to make it into movies are Chun Li and Cammy (Street Fighter), BloodRayne, Kitana and Sonya (Mortal Kombat), Christie Monteiro (Tekken), and several other I can't recall. My problem is that most of these characters are there for some good ogling and not for the fact that they can kick ass. Granted Chun Li have been presented a bit better; at least she retained her personality. But I still think most of these characters got their big break because they're sexy and hot. And that's where I get bored really fast. I would like to see other female video game characters to be made into live action, because I personally think they are much more interesting and refreshing.

Nariko- Heavenly Sword

The suckish thing is that I do not own a ps3, therefore is unable to play this fantastic game. Nariko is one of the few female warriors featured in game who looks incredibly beautiful but deadly in a fierce way. Not in a way that titillate her body. Her clothes do look very revealing, nonetheless, I think her fans see her through that flaw. I watched several Heavenly Sword cutscenes on youtube and yes, she's not taken for granted just because she is beautiful.

I see most supposedly 'badass' ladies get thrown into some male-centered games just for the point of having one or several sexy badass female characters for people to ogle on. It is pretty sad to think about it actually, seeing I would love to see a female heroine in a game that is actually as complicated as game developers would do to a male character. So, it would be pretty awesome to see Nariko on action on the big screen.

Heather Mason- Silent Hill 3

They got a Silent Hill movie coming up with Heather as the main protagonist! Yay! And I think the actress they picked is quite fitting. In terms of look. So far in the Silent Hill game series, Heather is the ONLY woman (or more precisely, girl) that gets to be the main character.

I love Heather a lot. Upon entering the world of Silent Hill, she fights for her life and she is resilient to any threats. When her father died, she strives for revenge and take to herself to deal with the supernatural problems in one way or another. Like any other Silent Hill protagonists, Heather is a complicated and tragic character, along with a terrible past. I like how she goes through all of the events without giving up, even though hope seems to be a mere dream. And I really love how she shows all the womanly qualities without it turning into tired bunch of stereotypes.

Rubi Malone- Wet

She cusses, she drinks, incredibly abrasive and unforgivingly crude. Rubi Malone is the dangerous contract killer of the short game, Wet. I once mentioned in a post that I find it hard to like Rubi as I think of her more of a killing machine than a person. However, Rubi is such a memorable character for me. Yes there are a lot of 'rude' female characters on movie or wherever that felt the need to present a 'badass' woman. But none is like Rubi Malone.

I see Rubi as very unfriendly, rude and easily angered. At first I thought she might be just another shell of excuse to have a gun-wielding lady on a violent game. But then she comes out to be a full-blooded character, albeit the type you will not like. And I think that is pretty good. Sometimes female characters are presented to be entirely good or entirely bad to show some kind of lessons like 'good girl lives, bad girl dies' stuff. Rubi is the entirely bad woman who is also a hero in the game. Besides, I love how they designed her; the practical clothes and gears, as well as the yakuza like tattoos. Finally, some real unique body decorations other than big boobs!

Faith Connors- Mirror's Edge

I bought Mirror's Edge when I got my xbox a long time ago, but before I can get a chance to play it, the dvd was misplaced and was mysteriously lost. Now, I cannot seem to find this game around KK anymore, and that sucks.

I fell in love with Faith when I first saw her in a GMV (game music video) on Mirror's Edge at youtube. The simple art and Faith's character design is so unique and beautiful I could not just ignore it. I searched and read about Mirror's Edge on Google and I wanted to play the game soo much. Faith is a runner, a job which consists of jumping across rooftops, running along walls, stuffs like that. It will be awesome to see her doing those stuffs in a movie. By the way, I really like her face; it has the tough life, yet cool and composed look to it.