Female Video Game Heroines I'd Loved to See on Movies (Part 2)

More female video game heroines I would like to see on movies;

Lightning- Final Fantasy XIII

One of the crankiest Final Fantasy characters ever! At one point while playing Final Fantasy XIII, I almost gave up on trying to like her, before she got better in the middle of the game. But hey, if one of my family members- or if my only family- ever got into a sucky fate and transformed into a crystal, I would have been as cranky as her, maybe even worse. 

But the very reason Lightning annoyed me was also why I was eager to see her on TV; her personality and tough attitude were, in my opinion, quite nice and fitting. Her character development was handled pretty well. She started off as very mean to almost everyone she met, then slowly softened out. I also liked the fact that she was a soldier, and her actions proved it throughout the game. Her confidence and sometimes brash attitudes out of anger made her character fleshed out even more. 

Now, a lot of people didn't really care much about FFXIII characters, but I still think Lightning would be cool on movies. Besides, Lightning's whole cool points come from her fighting techniques, and her (perhaps?) charms come from her attitudes. I don't think anyone would be able to turn her into some deliberate sexy, eye-candy lady without having any of her fans rolling their eyes off the sockets. 

Trip- Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

The game was painfully short IMO, because I just hope it could be longer. I just hope to get to know both Trip and Monkey more. I am a huge fan to the epic Chinese book Journey to the West. This game wasn't exactly about getting sutras, but it was about this young woman who, desperate to return to her people, enlisted the help of a man named Monkey to journey across the land back to her home.

Now, Trip appeared to be a very selfish individual at first who would resort to any sort of ways to get what she wanted. For instance, she forced Monkey to accompany her by putting a slave headband on him that gave him splitting headache if he got too far away from her. She was no all out fighter, but she was very tech-savvy and very clever. I also loved how emotional she was. She was not emotional to the point of being the hated damsel in distress stereotype, but she was emotional as a person. It was a great characteristic of hers as it define who she was. Besides, her being emotional was not seen as something weak. She was scared witless of dying, and was clingy to Monkey because she saw him as some sort of a get-back-home-safely ticket, not because he was her prince charming or anything. But the great thing was, even though she was physically weak, she did everything in her power and knowledge to help Monkey around. The whole game stressed upon the fact that Monkey alone would not succeed without Trip helping him out in his battles. So yeah, I root for her- and Monkey- to come to the big screen.

I really loved the relationship she had with Monkey as well. You know, for such a short game, they sure did the relationship and chemistry between Trip and Monkey.

The Boss- Metal Gear Solid 3

The Boss is a female video game character I admire, and possibly felt for, the most. I took myself to replaying Metal Gear Solid 3, and I cried all over again for some of the characters in it. Mainly The Boss. Now, I can just say that The Boss made it on this list because she was THE BOSS and it would be enough.

The Boss had a very complicated, and interesting background which would be far too long to be explained here. She was a charismatic leader and very experienced combatant. Playing throughout Metal Gear Solid 3, she was shown as being a very deadly opponent, highly intimidating and very cunning. She also had a strong patriotic spirit. She was the toughest female I had ever seen, but also very human. If you played the game through till the end, you would come to see how painful her life had been shaped by the war, and yet she still made sacrifices for her love towards her country.

There are really many reasons as to why The Boss will be fantastic being on the big screen; she would likely inspire a lot of people. And I am certain everyone would enjoy her badass close quarter combat fighting techniques.

Leanne- Resonance of Fate

Resonance of Fate is one of the most entertaining and addictive games I have ever played. I had replayed the game over and over and over again just to watch all those awesome asskicking gun a-blazing battle mechanics. Seriously, it is a HUGE fun.

Now, Leanne might be the only female protagonist around Resonance, but she sure spiced up the whole cutscenes. No, she didn't spice things up with her sexiness or cuteness of course. Far from it. Leanne, as with her other two comrades Zephyr and Vashyron, is very childish. In a good way. She joked and teased around with her two friends, get into fights with them, chided them during battle about not underestimating enemies, and much more that made her very interesting. I love how despite her cuteness and all, it was not used to get players' attention to her. She was just a very funny character and she just happened to be cute. She was not resistant to use necessary force to keep her friends safe. Also, I loved the friendship she shared with both Zephyr and Vashyron. They took care and protected one another, as well as provided for one another.

I would love to see Leanne on a movie very much for these very reasons, and also, who wouldn't want to see such a sophisticated looking little lady jumping around with big guns shooting monsters, all the while sprouting words like "Lousy scum!" or "Picked a fight with the wrong girl"? I know I would.