Song of the Week: Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift feat The Civil Wars

I suck big time at missing out this song on 2011! Taylor, along with The Civil Wars, give out a beautiful, dreamy, full of loving, almost tear inducing that is this gem. It is a soundtrack from the upcoming movie, The Hunger Games! I hate myself for not having money at the right time when they got out all three books out in a package a few months ago. The price was around RM70-80, and I just happened to have financial shortage at that time. When I finally get some money and came back another day, I couldn't find the books anymore! Times bookstore is too expensive so I had to keep an eye out for Harris instead. No, I didn't ask the employees 'cause they will probably just say "uhh, I think we're out of stock..." or "There is no The Hunger Games books here" instead of "Oh, we're sorry, we're out of stock. But tell you what, we'll order some more for ya". Seriously, I have experience with 'em. Now the movie is coming out.... Awww... Well, I have to see the movies first before I read the books then. 

What I like about this song the most is the melody and the music; it hit the nails the moment that guitar string gives out that sad tune. Captured my heart and now I'm in love with it. I haven't watched (obviously) The Hunger Games or read the books, but the lyrics reminded me of what aspect of love touched me the most. I never see love as some sort of selfish, individualish type of thing. For me, love is one of the greatest forces that moves the world. When I hear this song, I think about the love that one has for another that is protective, nurturing, reassuring, and eternal. I think about mothers and fathers, or brothers and sisters, or a simple assurance of safety and kindness a loving nurse would give to a wounded soldier. It is love, the instinct of love that is raw and just oh so beautiful. Thank you Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars for sharing this song. 

Also, the trailer to The Hunger Games: