Dragon Age II

I've been doing my teaching practical for more than a month now. Despite all the stress, it feels great. :)

Lady Hawke

I finally got the time to beat Dragon Age II. I was a playful female Hawke and a terribly cunning rogue as well as an opportunist. I fell in love with Fenris the Broody Elf, he betrayed me once but luckily he came back by the end of mage war (made me feel less bad for helping him out against Danarius all the time and he ended up betraying me at the end). My friend Anders did a stupid, stupid thing but because we were best friend I ended up battling the templars instead. Isabela betrayed me over a stupid relic and didn't come back at all, Varric, Merrill and Aveline were the most loyal. I left Kirkwall as a Champion, and the story came to an end. Then this song came out and I was sad that it was over.