Dark Shadows


I had watched Dark Shadows, and I liked this movie very, very much. As usual, Johnny was amazing in acting out a persona and in this case, a tormented but very awkward vampire. I understood this was a movie not everyone could appreciate or enjoy.. My friend didn't like this movie because she thought the whole conflict was ridiculous. But I on the other hand, had enjoyed every piece of visual scenery as well as the story it had offered however weak it might seem. And my favorite was the part where Angelique tore out her heart (literally) to prove her undying, desperate love for Barnabas.

The story was not the best thing of this movie though I enjoyed the comedy. I love Tim Burton's vivid visual presentation as always, but the romance was pretty boring and flat. I really had hoped that Mr. Burton would developed Maggie's character, seeing she was supposed to be Barnabas's true love. But she seemed so flat and uninteresting it was hard to notice her relevance in the movie other than being identical to Josette. Barnabas seemed to like her only because of her similarities with Josette, but not as an individual. So, the romance between Barnabas and Maggie was a fail. The dysfunctional family was presented well, not perfectly, but just nice enough. I think there wasn't enough screen  time for them either.

Those were not the reason I liked this movie though. There are three things that made me love this movie as it was; Barnabas, Angelique, and that destructive, hateful relationship shared between both of them. I had been wanting to watch this kind of 'tragic' romance for a long time, and Barnabas and Angelique were right on the game. Both of them were full of faults, selfishness, anger and hatred, but they were so easy to sympathize with. Barnabas's intense self-righteousness and Angelique's vengeful tendencies made this movie so interesting as well as saddening.

Here you see a woman whose heart played by a man she loved so much it drove her to cruelty, and this man who, despite being kind of a douche, lived out his life in suffering convinced that he was totally blameless. Again and again Angelique professed her love for Barnabas while he insisted she was a heartless bastard, claiming that his suffering was her evil doing, unwilling to realize that he was also partly to be blamed. I think both Mr. Depp and Miss Green did an amazing job portraying these characters. And I have to say that my favorite character had got to be Angelique.

Maybe not everyone had enjoyed or liked this movie, but I think those who haven't watch this should give it a chance.