Miyavi Is Awesome

A few months ago, I watched the movie Bunraku, in which it starred one of the most known Jrocker, Gackt. When I saw Gackt again after so many years, I had a little crush seeing he had aged beautifully (he's almost on his 40, I don't know why I'm attracted to older men). I went to youtube to see if he still sings since I haven't keep in touch with Japanese music for such a long time... Not since Rurouni Kenshin anime finished its run on NTV7 like 7 or 8 years ago. And there I rediscovered most of the Jrock bands I had liked during the Rurouni Kenshin run, like TM Revolution, and L'arc en ciel. For the record, I got into Jrock because Rurouni Kenshin got some of the best ending themes ever. So Gackt has a new project called Yellow Fried Chickenz; I've watched and listened to several songs and I quite liked it. Hyde formed a band with Kaz named Vamps and their songs are very addictive. I liked Sweet Dreams the most.

Introduction video to a vid-heavy post.. oohohoho

Searching out for more Jrockers, I just recently discovered Miyavi (quite late, I know), and for all the crazy gimmicks of artists like him, he stood out the most. His eccentric and loud personality draws me like magnet, and his songs are addictive as well as filled with inspiring lyrics. Besides, his talent with guitars is superb!

The video that introduced me to Miyavi :)

I have never seen anyone play a guitar like he does. There are several of his music videos on youtube that showcased his huge talent as a singer and performer, and I love the samurai guitarist identity he emphasized on some of his songs and pvs.

This guy is very cool, yet he never look very controlled about it. It's like he acknowledged the fact that he is a cool and awesome guy and didn't bother to hide or act like it. It's just natural for him to be the way he is. I am pretty convinced it's not a gimmick at all.. hahah

Yeah, his image and personality kinda attracted me to get to know him, then comes his music. It amazes me to see how versatile he is, since he offers this wide variety of music genre to his fans and it is never a dull moment to watch his videos. He manages to experiment with all type of music and representation but retain that "Miyavi-ness". I liked when artists could be versatile but still retain their identities which are unique to us fans.

One of his songs that I liked very much is Neo Visualizm, which is for me, talked about accepting and be happy with yourselves, and it's awesome to be yourself ^^ This song and Kabuki Danshi both have that musical style which are rich in sounds and rhymes. I cannot count how many times I've listened to both of these just to have an "ear-gasm" at all those music, singing and rapping.

Neo- Visualizm

Kabuki Danshi

I searched for more of his songs, and there is one I found just yesterday that drove me to tears. It was titled Itoshii Hito which translate to My Beloved. At first, I thought it was about the girl that he loved. Then I watched the pv for the song; I was both captivated and sad. 

Itoshii Hito~

I think it was nice that Miyavi himself played the part as the mother rather than let another actress does it. I mean, this is about a mother singing to her stillborn child, and Miyavi, despite being a man, stepped into that mother's shoes (I know, I know, I'm over-reacting). It's just that for all the guys that sing about how they care and understand what matters to women and all, Miyavi actually presented himself AS that woman. It doesn't matter about what people might say about his appearance or decision to dress like a woman here, Miyavi's femininity is beautiful, inside and outside. Know here I am not talking about his "chick" looks or anything... But his gentle nature as a man. 

And I also have to admit his figure as a father also made it easy for me to like him. I really hope the best for his family :) I wanted to post a picture of him with his daughters, but I strained myself because I cannot do it without feeling guilty of myself. Most of his pictures with his family is posted on his twitter, so it is personal to him, although he is being very good to his fans who want to see his daughters.. But still, I respect his personal life and wish his family all the best. And keep on rocking, Miyavi!