Pets and Picture Editing Montage

I love my new phone! And I love all the photo apps I've downloaded! And I love my pets dearly!

Cena (named after my parents' fave wrestler :/) - This cat likes to take photos. (SophieCam)

Oppi.. yeah, he looked away when I tried to snap his picture, I still like this tho. (SophieCam)

Pollie. Our shyest doggy :) (SophieCam)

Oppi acting all cutesy. (Fantasia Painter) Loving the HD feel ^^

Dede, our fattest cat. (Besnap)

Little kittens still grounded. They're getting rebellious. (Besnap)

Yep, I think I'm improving with my camera skill. I lack stuffs to practice, but I'll get around :) Here are some other pictures taken with my Nokia Lumia.

And ...

my favorite...

of all of these...


Mr. Skeleton