You're Never Too Old For Cartoons: Adventure Time

This post is a bit random. I haven't posted anything since like- forever... One reason was that I was pretty busy with my teaching practical. After practical was finished, I was busy with my thesis. After thesis (I got an A-.. shucks...) was finished, I was busy with videogames.. Heh, busy indeed.

So I let this blog gather some cobwebs for a while. I was extremely endorsed with Mass Effect 3 I beat it twice already in a week and a half. Yeah, I'm pretty amazing with my videogame's commitment. Don't judge >:3


By the way, over the course of my teaching practical for 5 months, I seldom pick up my games, didn't do much reading and didn't watch much movies.. I just didn't have the mood for all of the stuffs I like since my mind was full of mental preparations or seeking new ideas for "next day's lesson". Funny how practical teaching is harder than actual teaching, in terms of the classroom presentation, not the overall school's weekly tasks. And yeah, I just didn't have the heart to enjoy my hobbies... It was quite stressful.

So basically, the only entertainment I could really swallowed and enjoyed without having my thoughts turned into "practical teaching" matters every five minutes was cartoon network. Watching cartoons somehow made me forget all those stress and weariness, and I had good laughs watching 'em. I really needed those laughs, for my brain and heart, because I didn't always come home from school feeling good about everything. Heh.

I had just gotten to know this one cartoon titled Adventure Time, which was basically about a boy named Finn with his best bud, the magic dog Jake going through a series of adventures in a post-apocalyptic world. Sounds pretty childish, but this cartoon presented some real-life issues that drew my attention like the one presented by Ice King in which he has this disturbing misguided perception of being controlling and abusive as love. 

As with many things I love in life, the characters are what had me so invested in the first place. This show has great characters that it's impossible for me to list down all of them here without this blog being too long and wordy. Therefore, I'm going to go for the consistent ones are Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, and Marcelline (well, not really consistent, but I love her to bits).

The first episode that I'd watched was titled It Came from the Nightosphere, and I was enthralled at Marcelline's singing that I stick around until the end of it. I immediately fell in love with the series because of the light but surprisingly great humor balanced with a dark atmosphere of that episode. I mean, Marcelline's dad was eating everyone's soul and it was quite gruesome actually. And Marcelline's character intrigued me. She acted indifferent towards everything, but displayed emotion in a right, non-exaggerated ways. It was quite realistic IMO.

Here's a video of Marcelline's Fry Song. It was funny at first, but as the song progresses I felt sad for Marcelline. I think this just proved at how good the show with tugging its audience's heart, even if there is a comedic element to it.

One's really does never get old for cartoons.