Hooked Up With Dragon's Dogma

I've just finished my first playthrough last night with this baby - Alright, my sixth playthrough, with Dragon's Dogma. It is save to say that I am obsessed with this game, and that obsession is not going to die any sooner.

I had to admit, when I bought Dragon's Dogma, I wasn't expecting anything epic like Dragon Age or anything. I was only looking forward to play another rpg game, as I miss the genre very much. However, Dragon's Dogma given me something much better; a whole new experience of gameplay and the satisfying feeling of creating my own self and play as though it was MY story. Heh. So this explain much of my absence on the internet lately.

To start off, Dragon's Dogma doesn't exactly has the greatest story ever. It was just a plain medieval adventure of sort, and it was awkward at times. I was playing as some sort of an Amazonian lady at my first run, I didn't know about the affinity system, and most of the time the game clearly made it clear that the whole adventure was set for a male character (I blame that helpless, clingy duchess and that money extort Madeleine, Quina was very nice to me so I come to care for her). The ending was incredibly awkward for my character as well, seeing she ended up with someone I (and supposedly, MY character) did not care for the slightest. But this is a minor flaw. But really, if a second Dragon's Dogma should be made, please give a little hint that when I'm helping someone, I was actually giving him/her a signal for something more. The npcs are all love potentials. So, yeah, a little hint guys, next time.

The game started off with a bunch of guys and gals (and an old lady) making their way towards some ruins, caves and whatnots to reach a dragon. Then immediately the story shifted to show a- quite awesome- cutscene of a dragon being born out of the sky. Said dragon attacked my little fisherman village, and after a bit of fight with me stupidly jabbing at the dragon's foot with my tiny sword, the dragon bested me, tore out my beating heart and ate it. For safekeeping. Obviously, I'm gonna need to face the dragon. And get my organ back. Hmm. I'm sure it will make sense once you played it.

Now this game is not exactly impressive on several aspects, but it got me hooked for hours. I am positively addicted to this game. The first thing that got me interested is the character creation of course. I had never enjoyed creating a character like when I did on DD, it was great to finally have a chance to create a character exactly in a way you want him/her to be. The second thing was of course, the gameplay. This game is an action rpg which is lots of fun. I am very fond of the warrior identity and style, so I played as a fighter on my first run, changing later to a badass warrior later. It gives that feel of a character being developed tremendously from being a fisherman, to an inexperienced fighter and later to an advanced warrior.

But the biggest fun in the whole game is gotta be the Boss fights. It was great they placed the grab mechanic which allowed player to climb on top of giant monsters to reach their weak spots and attack them from there. It let off a more realistic feel, and simple game mechanics like the monsters stomping the ground cause earthquake which stun me or a Drake flapping its wings and the wind blew us off our feets. Fantastic feeling. I grabbed a griffin once and it flew with me clutching madly at its leg. Damn, it was a distressing- and a fun- moment. But that distress was rewarded whenever I defeated said difficult bosses. Such is the joy of Dragon's Dogma. Of course right now on my seventh playthrough, I'm on a godlike level that a griffin was defeated in no less than a second.. But, thankfully, the Everfall gives more powerful monsters to fight. And also, there's that Ur-Dragon, which was insanely powerful and difficult to defeat. Difficult as in, it will not keep still and keep knocking me off. Plus, finding all the hearts on its body was tough.

So, I'm on my sixth playthrough, just for the sake of getting all the achievements before I take a break from DD. Only four left :)