Photo Editing Montage Again

Edited some photos from a trip at Malacca. It was an enjoyable trip, but being a bit of a photographer amateur trying to improve (with a digital camera at best), I find it was hard to do so since I couldn't concentrate. Ah well, better luck next time. Here are some pictures I find the will to fix or even look at. Meh, my skills eroded tremendously... Demn!

I fixed it a bit here; rotated it so it won't look like I was falling down while taking the pic. Tried a HDR look here and I love that vibrant color of St. Paul's Church which came out nicely. I just hope there weren't so many people in my shot at that time... ohoho~

Another HDR look~

This one was taken rather sloppily. I was in a hurry. Like I said, it was kinda hard to concentrate. I was with a group, I just didn't know how to do my stuff when my mind was also focused on the group. Don't know how to tell them (I was shy =3=) I was taking pictures for photography, not for simply snapping pictures to remember a trip *sigh*. Besides, I felt a bit guilty leaving them watching me snapping away pictures by myself. I also didn't want them to think I was unwilling on taking some happy pictures with friends as well, 'cause I love to take pictures with them. Lol. I took a lot of memory pictures with my friends so it was wonderful. But I was disappointed at the angles I took pictures for my friends too. I just hope I could take more scenery just so I can remember how fantastic Malacca is, but I think maybe next time. I'm so divided sometimes. 

Sloppy angle this one right here, fixed it on photoshop (need to stop relying on this baby in the future). Tried a high pass technique to bring out that sharpness. Have to say I like the refined details, especially on the water. 

Another pic. Heh heh, lousy as well. *sigh*

Edited the picture and took out the guy on far right side. Still struggling to understand/apply the Third Rule, but I think I did well here. HDR effect (left) and some tweaking to give off dreamy look (right).

All in all, it was an awesome albeit a very short trip to Malacca. We went to only a few places because there was not enough time. I sure hope I could go and watch more places. I'd really like to take some beaucitul shots of the A Famosa, but like I said, I was a bit distracted. Plus I was sick with fever and was a bit dizzy at that time, so no. Here's hoping to have a trip to other wonderful places. Man, I lived in Sabah for more than 20 years and I've never been anywhere! Sucks to have overprotective environment in which I've grown. Well, I couldn't enjoy a trip if there's too many people anyway (I hate noises). Yeah, I'm a bit of a recluse. S'okay if you feel me unfriendly sometimes. Heh. 

Until next time.