Weeks Goes by Slowly~

One of our [nameless] little cats... Everyone's out of idea what to name him and his twin sister. He's a shy one, this fella.. So it surprised me a lot when he let me take several pictures of him lying around. Usually he just run away whenever anyone come any closer. Lucky day huh?

Huzzah for my gentle dog Pollie for posing so regal-like! ahhahhahahah Look at his big ears, just like his late daddy *sob*.

Whenever I wanted to take some pet pictures, I found my dogs are harder to work at than my cats. My dogs get all excited around everyone, they wouldn't stay put and they would even try to lick at the camera. Cats (the ones who are not shy) are lazy most of the time, so it was a bit easy.

Last picture for today's post:

Got these drying out in the sun at the back of our house. I like the red color~