Resident Evil 6 IMHO

I've been spending my time with Resident Evil 6... I actually beat this on amateur mode but not because I don't have the skill to beat this game with some good old challenges, it's just I'm a bit too lazy for any gaming now. I spent perhaps like only two to three days with the campaigns, then spent a considerable amount of time on The Mercenaries. My record shows that I've played Mercenaries over 70 times already since I got the game like, a week and a half ago? Good fun.

Alright, there are three campaigns, and an unlockable one after you completed all the other three. The entire story of RE6 is intertwined between all campaigns. We have old characters and some new ones. The story is ok, I guess. But I have to be honest, the gameplay didn't really appeal to me. It tried to mimic the previous gameplays, but it failed to relive the excitement. For instance, I enjoyed Resident Evil 4 tremendously and played that game for like 50 times. I didn't care I repeated the whole thing a lot of time, because for every gameplay, the game gotten better and better. It felt anything but repetitive. But RE6 didn't make me want to replay it again after the first time. Even if you played the campaigns through a different character, going through different routes and taking on different chain of incidents, it still feels repetitive. The second time I played Leon's campaign I actually felt bored to tears.

Moreover, the different gameplay, which was supposed to make me feel all excited and fancy felt excruciating. I was playing as Helena on my very first playthrough in Leon's campaign; at first it was a bit fun, since it started pretty slow, there were some good suspense, but all those were quickly thrown into the toilet when the car chase started. From then on, it was some solid, fast-paced actions that quickly drained my excitement. There were puzzles, but only on the second chapter of Leon's campaign. The puzzles- for me the most fun part of the whole gameplay- were in so little, dissatisfying quantity. Then it was all shoot and quick time and shoot. It was incredibly boring. The process was the same over and over again; you walked through some building, you just know something ugly was gonna happen 'cause it was so friggin' obvious (suspense is dead somehow at some point), something ugly came out, shoot the goddamn ugly thing, and run. Then the whole thing repeat. Not to mention that two of the whole campaigns got these monsters that would not die no matter what. If they thought it was meant to make us feel danger as these beasts were harassing us, they were wrong. It was more irritating than danger.

So yeah, the only really enjoyable thing about this game was Mercenaries. This content is waaaayyy more satisfying than the campaign. There were a lot of improvements and more mechanics had been added. Well, granted the mechanics such as rolling on floor and such didn't do much. It depended more on combos and timing, so I didn't need the rolling on floor or shooting while lying down much. These mechanics may looked cool but they were barely of any use. I really like melee fighting (but stamina draining sucks), and the quicktime is useful IF my fingers are fast enough to trigger the RT button in time. Yeah, I suck at dodging and I envy others who do it so easily. But overall, the Mercenaries is giving me a great time. I am aiming to get an S rank on all characters both for their default weapons and costumes version weapons in all stages. So far, I think Sherry is the best character. Seconded by Piers. I'm just good with both of them instead of Chris (everyone's favorite mercenary it seems).

But I'm not saying there's nothing about the campaigns that I don't like though. For instance the environment and atmosphere did provide tension, and I did enjoy the feeling despite how brief that feeling was. All the characters were likable and their cooperation with the AI was indeed so much better. But I did feel a bit disappointed that Claire Redfield and Sheva Alomar were not in it. I missed Wesker, but hey we got Jake now! I am not sure if Chris being all broody and angsty was okay with everyone. Nonetheless, I am fine with the characters. And the story intersection where the characters stumble into one another was kinda cool.

So, my verdict for the whole game, it's ok. The campaigns were not inspiring; fun enough to play but not enough to get me on second goings. For me, Mercenaries kinda save this game by a mile.